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Interactive Reporting, Electronic Billing Presentment & Payment (EBP&P) and Self-Care for Customers and Partners

To keep their place in the industry, business leaders must ensure that every customer experience — from initial service delivery to bill presentation to electronic reports — is exceptional. 

EdgeView is the only interactive, real-time reporting and bill presentation solution that meets the needs of today’s established and emerging service providers. It empowers you and your customers to view billing data the same way — in real time. And the intuitive user interface can clearly display charges from multiple services on the same bill…and many more.

Provide Critical Business Information

More than just online bill presentment, The Kansys Edge is a comprehensive, online reporting tool. Anyone in your customer’s organization with proper authorization can access information for their account, in real-time, anytime. With EdgeView you can easily find out:

  • How much service has been used 
  • By which users
  • What the current trends are

…and much more.

Reduce Billing Costs

Online bill presentation dramatically reduces the cost associated with printing, stuffing and mailing bills. In addition to comprehensive online reporting and billing, EdgeView also allows you to send brief summary invoices that direct your customers to a comprehensive online bill.

Features Include:

Web-based access

Brandable user-interface

Interactive, real-time reporting and bill display

Sort, filter and download data

Detailed views of hierarchial, nested transactions

Complete multi-currency and multi-language support

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