Event Visibility Platform

Event Visibility Platform

What is EVP? 

EVP or (Event Visibility Platform) is a cost effective, flexible integrated platform that organizes, consolidates, analyzes and warehouses Data Records for Optimization, Revenue Assurance, Fraud Detection, Billing, Audits, Customer Analytics and Visual Reporting purposes.

Essentially, EVP is a BI solution and Kansys’ front end and reporting tool used to create visibility into applications. No matter the event you’re trying to perform, our solution is ready to give you full transparency into each of your customers. 

Some common events include: 

  • Tracking a purchased plan 
  • Viewing purchased top ups 
  • Performing a plan adjustment 
  • Tracking call, SMS or other data records 

….and many more. 

Gather Insights into Everything
Your Customers Are Doing

It is through EVP, we have created thousands of customized reports over dozens of customers, applications and databases to provide them with the insight needed to make actionable decisions. EVP also acts as our GUI font end for several of Kansys’ applications including CollectionsThe Kansys Edge and Edge+ .

Here’s a comprehensive list of benefits you’ll receive from this specialized service:

Event Visibility
Event Assurance
Application consolidation and cost reduction
Incremental Media Sales Revenue
No longer captive to data collection, preparation, and staging

Service Bureau – No Capex /Opex

Access to Expertise

Ready to discover how EVP can help your business? 

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