Prepaid Broadband

Kansys Announces
"No Worries Prepaid" - A Revenue Share Prepaid Broadband Solution

Service allows carriers to increase revenues focusing on under-served consumers while leveraging existing BSS / OSS

Olathe, Kansas, January 21, 2016: Kansys, Inc., a leading System Integrator of BSS / OSS solutions, announced today its new “No Worries Prepaid” managed service offering for Prepaid Broadband. The rapid deployment solution takes a system integrator approach by leveraging existing network and BSS investments that provides a low risk approach to new revenues and lower operational costs targeted at under-served consumer segments.

“Non-banking households, delinquent subscribers, new immigrants and intermittent subscribers can drive material revenue opportunities for a carrier.” said Bill Griffin, Business Development Officer at Kansys Solutions. “Several MSO’s have recently launched prepaid service in North America and most are evaluating the service. Some are co-branding the offering while others are creating new brands. We believe a menu based, low risk / low cost offering provides the carrier the flexibility they need in order to assess and capitalize on these market segments.”

The service allows a carrier to launch prepaid services that can be time-based and can even provide enhanced services if the carrier has the applicable existing infrastructure.

No Worries Prepaid provides a self-service portal and subscriber repository integrated within the Kansys Cloud Services platform. Once service has been approved (or expires) the system interfaces with the cable modem to provision (or terminate) service without any configuration or maintenance to existing BSS / OSS systems.

The modular service can provide, or connect, with a carrier’s network data collection tools to enable additional and enhanced prepaid broadband services. Portal features include credit / debit / gift card payments and a messaging bus for threshold alarms, up-sell and affinity marketing opportunities. Ancillary benefits of the service include CMTS QOS reporting as well as Service / Revenue Assurance.


Kansys, Inc. is a BSS / OSS services, solution and cloud integrator that takes an adaptive approach to the collection, analysis, and monetization of network events that increase revenues and maximize operational efficiency.

Founded in 1997 by a team of strong billing and mediation subject matter experts, the company works with its clients and partners on conversions, analytics, custom software, and SaaS solutions to meet their objectives. Kansys has been involved in over 75 successful billing system conversions and currently processes over 4 billion network events per month. We advocate the use of metadata-driven software to deliver nimble solutions while our services are provided in less time and at a lower cost than large multi-national system integrators.

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