Managed Event Visibility


Kansys has a recognized reputation in the Telecom Industry for comprehensive / nimble event and session processing visibility

At Kansys, we take session and event data to another level by providing transparency into usage-warehousing that is enriched, correlated and aggregated with industry data and service provider data. We do this while simultaneously delivering invaluable usage intelligence across all types of carrier session events.

Managed Event Visibility (MEV) has provided carriers and service providers with needed transparency and visibility to their growing transaction volumes, evolving business complexity and new service offerings for over 20 years. With growth comes challenges and MEV is engineered to handle those challenges with ease. 

The processing and reporting engines are designed and maintained by seasoned industry professionals with an average of 10 + years of industry experience. This provides our customers with a level of industry knowledge that will empower a service providers team members with information to drive solutions.

The main functionally components of MEV are:

Process Reporting
Network Analysis
Traffic Analysis
Ad Hoc Queries Tool
Aggregate Database Analysis
Duplicate Checking
EVP (Event Visibility Platform)

And processing events such as:

  • AMA Automatic Message Accounting
  • SS7
  • IPDR
  • AAA
  • Radius
  • Diameter
  • ASN1
  • Cyber
  • 3GPP
  • Newer Data Feeds
  • Along with various custom and proprietary formats

With MEV your business can now utilize the scalability of its components to analyze, review, predict and report on influential business trends. 


All of this coupled with the knowledge and expertise of the Kansys team members ability to provide unparalleled success for our customers who have found continuing value in these services validating their 15+ year tenureship with us.

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