When you want real-time visibility for accounts, customers and approvals processes provided through an integrated Quote-to-Cash (Q2C) process.


Although there are finance and account standards across the globe, any company with size and/or monetization complexity, tends to organize, process and manage their financial information in ways that are unique to their business. 

Additional functionality that finance departments enjoy with the Kansys Edge include:

  • Pervasive logging of every change made means fast and 100% accurate audibility
  • Ability to manage profitability by Customer (including across accounts) and by Product Offering and by Partner. No losing sight of specific customer margins even when the customer has a negotiated one-off contracted price
  • Calculations to 10 digits to the right of the decimal point provide maximum accuracy, especially important for IoT and Partner pricing and settlement

Most importantly, finance at companies with complex monetization requirements, are happy with the lower TCO with The Kansys Edge versus the market alternative options identified above. 


CFO’s must be able to quickly answer these questions: 

1) How is business performing?

2) What is the actual revenue relative to the forecast for the past month, quarter and year?

For Today's Chief Financial Officer

In today’s fast-moving business climate, CFOs and other business managers are aggressively looking for ways to drive business growth, maximize efficiency and save money. Kansys’ Agreements-Based Billing ™ and Settlement solution delivered in a cloud model or on-premise is increasingly viewed as the cornerstone to more effectively manage growth, understand customers while improving overall cash flow management and visibility.

If the business is reliant on a traditional billing and enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, opportunities to introduce new offers, up-sell and cross-sell are limited.

If a business has grown through acquisitions or product extensions, often several existing billing systems are in place forcing manual manipulation of different data and cumbersome workaround processes to calculate final bills. As a business grows, workflow problems around deal making, the contracting process, order entry, and a lack of data integrity undermines revenue assurance.

If channels are involved, businesses often lose control of how products are being sold and consumed. Automation of the quote-to-cash (Q2C) process and business agility to pivot based on market, customer, and partner conditions is critical for a global enterprise.

Kansys also importantly addresses scalability and future-proofing needs of a business, better financial forecasting and automation of accounts receivable and accounts payable processes. Real-time visibility for accounts and customers along with automation of inefficient workflows and approvals processes is provided through an integrated Q2C process.

CFOs turn to Kansys when they need to achieve better control, efficiency, accuracy, auditability and overall ROI for the business.

Kansys delivers an integrated Q2C solution that empowers a business to understand:

  • how new offers can be made
  • what it is selling is what has been quoted
  • what has been quoted is what has been contracted for
  • what the contract delivers is exactly what has been ordered and
  • that it is seamlessly provisioned downstream and accurately billed for

Real World Scenario

Randy is the CFO of BlueStem Solutions Inc., a national business service provider working with complex agreements for many sophisticated businesses. Randy is 50 years old with 25 years of experience in Accounting and Finance; he is a very objective thinker using rational and thought to make critical business decisions. Randy also knows the importance of keeping financial processes and records updated to ensure his workforce has the most up-to-date tools needed to perform their jobs while staying on budget. Randy’s day-to-day responsibilities include accounting, finance, forecasting, strategic planning, job costing, legal, property management, deal analysis and negotiations, investor relationships and partnership compliance.

With a recent business acquisition and expansion, Randy’s need for paying close attention to cash, cost management and working capital has increased. Randy must account for the billing complexities needed to ensure the acquired customers are seamlessly transitioned into their existing business model, along with guarantee revamped products and services are launched on definitive dates. Furthermore, BlueStem’s ERP system is also lagging in the ability to view quick snapshots of business profitability, churn reports, monthly reoccurring revenue and customer acquisition costs to relay that information to the CEO quickly. Randy is concerned with BlueStem’s existing ERP system and its inability to keep up with the complex demands and tasks.

Noticing a problem at hand, Randy contacts Kansys, a billing software and BSS/OSS service integrator to see if they can lend a helping hand. What peaked Randy’s interest in Kansys was their ability to provide the complexity demands required without hindering their legacy ERP system along with the capability to deliver the managed and professional services needed to make the transition a breeze. No need to hire a third-party system integrator here!

Kansys gets right to work by incorporating their complex billing software, The Kansys Edge directly into their legacy ERP system. And just like that, PRESTO! Randy is able to effectively deliver business insights, automate complex tasks and support his workforce. Over the next several months, Randy notices an uptick in MRR and customer acquisition and is ecstatic to deliver the news to the company’s CEO.
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