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Allowing organizations to gain faster time-to-market for your current and future IoT services with our Internet of Things billing and settlement software solution

Internet of Things Billing for IoT Services

Internet of things (IoT) is becoming an essential component of the global economy and opening up a world of new ubiquity-based products and services in our homes, cars and daily lives. Every second, nearly 200 new devices are connected to the web and that number is expected to grow dramatically. 

With the number of connected and intelligent devices escalating, the number of new services that are possible is exploding. While M2M is typically associated with a specific vertical, the Internet of things encompasses a wide variety of vertical applications that when pulled together address the needs of consumers and businesses.

The latest Statista forecast for IoT predicts that, by 2025, there will be $1.6 trillion in incremental revenue opportunity for IoT suppliers, mostly in services.

Moving Quickly From Connected Things to Connected Marketplaces With IoT, Cloud & Big Data Technology

Today the Internet of things (IoT) is focused primarily on services that record and relay sensory data; however, as all technologies evolve, so too will IoT services. As more complex business models emerge, billing solutions must be able to support the agile needs of a business as changes occur rapidly in pace with technology.

Don’t get stuck with a one-trick billing solution. Instead, invest in a billing solution that can handle any business model, or combination of business models – including those not yet defined. Agility is key for the Internet of things billing solutions. IoT can be defined as an interconnected group of uniquely identifiable devices that can communicate with themselves, their owners and control centers.

Home automation, health monitoring and vehicle tracking are areas where the IoT is at work today. IoT services focused on recording and relaying sensory data simply scratch the surface if its potential. 

IoT services become much more interesting when more sophisticated applications treat things as agents empowering devices to autonomously trigger actions based off the date they receive and record. By programming these agents to act in alignment with complex business rules, businesses benefit from increased productivity from reduced intervention.

Suddenly devices evolve from merely sensing and reporting environmental data or sensing and reporting their own status to devices that can carry out actions autonomously from pre-defined rules.

To Capitalize on the Internet of Things,
Billing Solutions Must Be Agile

At Kansys, we believe that IoT is already having a profound impact on the creation of value-added services across a number of verticals including telco, transportation, utilities, agriculture, healthcare and more. 


Kansys’ business model and industry agnostic billing and settlement platform, The Kansys Edge, enables a business to roll out IoT services to a wide variety of verticals today while making it possible to future-proof the business through new offerings and partnerships without compromise. 


It’s critical to choose a solution that can support your IoT billing needs now and in the future.

With The Kansys Edge, Organizations Gain:

Faster TTM

Fast Time to Market for Current IoT Services

Future-Proofing for IoT Business Models

Bundled Subscriptions to New Services (Health Monitoring, Vehicle Tracking, Smart Meters)

Ability to Expand Outside Core 

Business Into Other Verticals

Efficient Settlement to a Growing Ecosystem of IoT Partners

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