The Kansys Partnership Program is designed to give you the perfect arrangement of advantages to meet all your business needs.

What We Do

Kansys provides a unique combination and ‘best-of-breed’ software and services designed to enable your enterprise to solve complex billing challenges. While what we do is oftentimes complex in nature, it is rooted in common endpoints:


  • To help businesses transform and respond to an ever-changing customer and partner relationship landscape


  • To help turn data into actionable information designed to enable your business to make logical decisions

Our History

Founded in 1997, Kansys sprouted from a by a group of technology consultants who came together to help enterprise teams solve their challenges by creating wide spectrum of best-in-class billing solutions through business support system integration. We have effectively mediated, analyzed and reconciled over 4 billion transactions each month and converted over 80 billing systems on 13 different platforms. Since then we’ve expanded to take on even more than that with the attainment of an unrivaled billing software tool called the Kansys Edge. With this new tool, businesses now have the ability to unleash their full potential and administer complete control over every facet of billing and settlement challenges they face.


EDS: Ops Support for: WorldCom, MCI, Quest, Call America, BTI, Star Telecom TCI, RCI and WCT
LDDS Ops and Client Support Team Launched
Kansys, Inc. Launched
AS-400 IXPlus Migration Support
CABS usage processing, Saas Contracts, 911, LIDB, Gateway Manager, LSR/ASR and Collections launched
Introduction of Mediation and Custom Reporting
VoIP Usage Call Processing
Revenue Assurance and Usage Audit Practice
MetraTech/ MetraNet: First Engagement. Invoice Solution Built and AECA/AT&T Alaska Audit
VZW Divestiture Contracts
New Building and Data Center
Custom OMS Deployed
MPP Analytics Engine Added
Kansys Enters the Caribbean Market Place and 28 ILEC BSS Conversions
EVP Saas Reporting Portal is Launched
Kansys Develops IPDR Collector
Mobile Workforce Installment Application and Smart Pipe Enablement
Mobile Workforce Installment Application
Formalized BSS Management Consulting
Kansys, Inc. Celebrates 20th Platinum Anniversary. Deployed MetraNet/ECB in Microsoft Azure.
Kansys acquires Ericsson's (ECB) Enterprise Cloud Billing Software formerly known as MetraNet
Introduction of the Kansys Edge. Kansys Releases Major Upgrades to Billing and Settlement Software
Continued Success with Multiple Upgrades Through the Kansys Edge

Market-leading billing and settlement technology is one part of the story. Kansys leverages a strong partner ecosystem to provide end-user customers with a wide range of experienced resources, ensuring the right blend of technology, local presence and industry domain-knowledge.

Our established partnerships with companies allow Kansys to resell and integrate an assortment of cutting edge products into customizable solutions for your business. We are always evaluating the value our partners bring to our customers in the exact manner of which our customers want.

Kansys Partnership Types

Agency Partnership

Agent or Agencies are companies with ICT infrastructure domain expertise.Hardware, software and services company developing ICT management and/or infrastructure and/or networking solutions. Individuals or companies who will connect or help Kansys to sell its product and services to end-customers. 


Kansys will sell its product and services to end –customers and provide “pre” and “post” sales support.


Partners Include:


Reseller Partnership

Kansys’ Value-added-reseller (VAR) partnership program extends the company’s delivery capability by ensuring that approved participants are ready to help Kansys Edge users gain maximum value from our software. Partners add local expertise and industry domain knowledge to Kansys‘ offering. 



Kansys Value-added-reseller partners commit to maintaining Kansys Edge skills and to provide ‘pre’ and ‘post’ sales support aiding in our customers vision through to realization.

Partners Include:


Technology/OEM Partnership

Technology partners include solutions enablers such as ISP’s, MEP‘s and MSP’s that are most frequently integrated with Kansys’ billing and settlement products. Kansys’ Technology Partners are trusted companies which we rely on to build robust and scalable solutions. 


They will bring Kansys technology components subsystems into a whole and ensure that those subsystems function together. They will sell to end customers and provide ‘pre’ and ‘post’ sales support and services.

Partners Include:

Becoming a Partner

Interested in Joining Forces with Kansys?
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Kansys partners with the worlds leading system integrators, solution and technology providers. Strategic partnerships enable Kansys to provide unique solutions to serve our customers better. We’re ready to work alongside your business to help you produce a competitive advantage while delivering the billing functionality your business requires.

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