Sales and Marketing

Monetize New Products & Services in hours/days…Not Weeks/Months 

One of the most consistent challenges for front lines sales staff, or for those in Product Marketing, is the time (and cost) required by the IT function to implement variations of existing products and services. Able to sell what needs to be sold when needed.  

The unique approach for the creation and ongoing evolution of a company’s product catalog enables the sales and marketing functions to dream of new combinations and permutations without being captive to vendor/IT function turnaround delays. Marketing/Sales Power users can configure variations in the system without having to create customizations and/or develop software.  


It’s not just new products or services that attract Sales & marketing functions to the Kansys Edge. There are several other attributes of the system that facilitate new contract sales and enhanced Customer Satisfaction: 

  • Ability to create complex customer hierarchies such as International Customer regions/subsidiaries/offices  
  • Role based views into invoice details to allow complex chargebacks 
  • Ability to support complex and contract based multi-party settlements and/or commission structures 
  • Accrual of commissions  
  • NowCast Dashboard for real-time tracking of service uptake and associated revenues 


Sales team members must be able to understand, what is transacting on the account/customer level? This information helps support the expansion of a product offering when things are going well or take the necessary action if something isn’t as expected.  


And with the focus on reoccurring revenue, the renewal process cannot be ignored. Sales quickly can see which accounts are up for renewal so appropriate follow up can be taken. 


Market conditions are changing and will continue to change. Business models that meet current conditions, may not meet tomorrows. Businesses must be ready to respond and have the flexible solutions needed to adapt in time.