Financial Exchanges

The Kansys Edge for Clearing and Financial Exchanges

Partnering with Financial Services firms in the new world

Increasing Agility & Strengthening Risk Management

With global multi-asset, multi-market individualized agreements as the norm, it’s essential for exchanges, banks, broker-dealers and futures commission providers to have a solution that can faithfully model the agreement terms in a way that is easy to use and comprehensive. 

The Kansys Edge’s is unique in its ability to automate fee, commissioning, pricing and billing processes and models that address rapidly changing, complex, or radical business strategies across clearinghouses, commercial banks, brokerage firms, and asset management firms. 

Our product can help you to:

  • Drive revenue growth through innovative business models 
  • Decrease rounding errors and enable reconciliation via 10 digits of precision (10 digits after decimal point) including display 
  • Improve revenue capture with relationship-based pricing