Managed Services


At Kansys, we provide carrier grade hosted platforms that compliment your company’s infrastructure when business processing outsourcing makes sense. We offer several Business Services to optimize efficiency, recover lost revenue and automate processes.

Our Menu of Managed Service Options


Application Operations

Application Consulting, Development and Maintenance

Billing Operations Support

Governance / PMO

Integrated Development Operations

Cloud Infrastructure Management

Provisioning & Management of Application Environment

Option A: Kansys Data Center

Option B: Azure/Google/Amazon Cloud*

* Typically 25%-47% higher cost and variable


Infrastructure Provision & Management includes:

  • Info Security
  • Compliance Defined backup/ data retention
  • Restoration/monitoring/patch management protocols
  • 24/7 x 365 Helpdesk & Support
  • Operating System Remediation & Disaster Recovery
  • SQL Remediation
  • Incident Management & Reporting
  • Services Redundant
  • Production Environments
  • LAB Environments:  Dev/QA/UAT

Application Operations

  • Monitor alarms, reports and space on primary systems
  • Provide network security and user controls for the systems 
  • Perform audits of changes that could affect the overall operation of the system
  • Install updates and manage policies to secure the environment
  • Data Retention
  • Provide developers the needed resources to make changes to the UAT and Production environments once complete
  • NOTE: If 3rd party Cloud, additional cost to provide an interface between customer and Cloud support staff for network infrastructure
  • SUPPORT (Level 1 & 2) Includes tasks such as: trouble ticket management; patch and update deployment, monitoring, application restoration and database back up and restoration.

Application Consulting,
Development and Maintenance

  • Dedicated Kansys experts supporting application best practices including:
  • Analysis, design,configuration, coding, testing along with ongoing improvements
    and debugging such as:
  • Full life-cycle support and configuration for new bundles and services
  • Deploying application enhancement and/or new application functionality
  • Application Integration & Enhancements
  • Creating new reports & Addressing Report discrepancies
  • Correlate Ancillary data sources with Kansys Edge billing information
  • Knowledge transfer to application power users
  • Act as liaison for billing to other groups
  • Application Error Resolution
  • Conduct feasibility and/or impact studies for business initiatives
  • Develop and/or enhance Enterprise KPI’s
  • Prototype Support
  • Assist/Troubleshoot with patches/releases
  • Account uploading of new accounts for non-standard events
  • Application Business Alignment – ”The Art of the Possible” Application performance optimization
  • BSS best practices consulting & implementation

NOTE: This service is also available on a retainer basis, in minimum blocks of 40 hour increments per month

Billing Operations Support

  • Dedicated Kansys experts supporting billing operations management
  • Data Remediation
  • Failed transaction management, data blackouts, updating, deleting and reprocessing usage data & interval mapping
  • Invoice field updates
  • Simple data table updates
  • Reconciliation & Reporting
  • Assist with billing ops reporting needs, ad hoc queries for reconciliation, data analysis.
  • Manage the bill close process
  • Starting & Stopping Billing Process Adapters
  • Managing AR uploads
  • Exporting data to external systems
  • Mock bill runs for testing customer hierarchy, or rating or package changes
  • Manage files in FTP site

Governance / PMO

Project Management Framework, managed by Kansys PMO

  • Executive Committee; Overall Relationship Management
  • Regular schedule of meetings, status reports
  • Review of IT Strategic Plan & Budget
  • Review of Contract & Performance Metrics
  • Review/Approval of Major & Third-Party Projects
  • Final escalation point Operational Committee
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Status reporting & Problem Management
  • Change Request Approval
  • Priority setting & Approval of Project/Release Work
  • Audit Oversight
  • Risk Mitigation/Management Strategies
  • Communicate changes in architecture/ standards
  • Cost Management

Integrated Development Operations

  • Dedicated Kansys solution team
  • Tailored level of Program/Project Oversight
  • Interactive Client requests/release management via Account PM/BA
  • Tailored level of Billing Operations
  • Tailored level of App Operations & Support
  • Tailored level of Application ADM & Consulting
  • Ability to increase or decrease resources via Governance process
  • Application Operations and Application Consulting, Development & Maintenance services, plus release management
  • Monthly Scheduled Release
  • 2-3 “Hot Fix” Releases per month
  • Major Enhancements defined/approved as required
  • Version upgrade services are included with this full-service option
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