Usage-Based Billing


Usage-based billing can be a great way to grow revenue and provide more flexible options for your customers.


By analyzing the ways in which your customers use your services in a ‘pay as you go’ manner, you may also be able to identify new ways to package or bundle service offerings.

Turbocharge your billing capabilities and introduce new pricing, product and service offerings at a competitive pace.

While seemingly straightforward, billing for usage requires specific functions which are quite different than the functions used to calculate subscription service charges, commissions or for handling one-off and contract charges. Systems designed for subscription-based billing must be extended to incorporate these very different functions, and quite often, the changes are so significant that they cannot be made efficiently.


By contrast, Kansys billing systems were designed from the ground up to handle any type of pricing models. From one-off, to subscription, to usage (and in any combination and with any discounts, commissions, volume, tiers), Kansys supports any billing scenario for any business model in any industry.


Kansys understands transparent usage-based pricing demands and the need for high-quality usage billing software. That’s why our products are aimed at simplicity, efficiency, scalability, and cost-effectiveness.

Why Choose Usage-Based Billing Software from Kansys

No matter how simple usage-based billing may seem, the growing number of clients and their different needs in the ever-evolving marketplace, makes it difficult and expensive to provide flexible bundles, services and packages in traditional systems. Kansys offers a potent and flexible solution.

Kansys makes it easy to add usage-based billing to your current system, or take care of all of your billing needs.

With Kansys (comprehensive billing solution – more than just usage) you can take advantage of:


Using a comprehensive billing solution can help you cut costs on implementing different systems with specific billing options. You can implement consumption-based billing, subscription billing, and all-you-can use billing whenever necessary.


Our agile billing platform is specifically designed to large enterprises and telecommunication companies. As your business scales or grows, our software accommodates its changing needs. This type of flexibility can help you avoid unnecessary downtime. 


Traditionally, metered billing software requires complex coding to create a new product or service within the system. As your business grows, expands, or branches out, waiting months for a new service could prevent you from stealing market share and discovering new business opportunities.

Configure – don’t code

Your internal IT team doesn’t have to worry about adjusting the usage-billing software to ensure smooth financial process operations. Kansys billing software is designed specifically to take the burden off your IT department’s shoulders through configuration instead of coding.

Service-oriented approach

To help you stay on top of your game, Kansys takes a service-oriented approach to software, allowing you not to worry about catching up with the latest technologies, innovations, and billing approaches.

Kansys can handle complex integrations, usage-based billing transformations, mediation, and consulting services aimed at helping your company achieve its business goals.

Industries That Benefit from Our Billing Services

Kansys billing platform is a comprehensive billing solution for companies across many industries, including:

Financial Exchanges
And more


If your company’s usage-based billing system isn’t delivering the flexibility and ROI you expect because of constraints or costs in your billing system, you can get relief with our help. It doesn’t matter which systems you are currently using for billing purposes. Kansys can revamp the entire approach without causing obstacles or downtime.

Regardless of the industry you are in, taking advantage of a comprehensive automated usage-based billing system can help you increase client satisfaction and revenues.

Engaging with Kansys for Usage-Based Billing

End-to-End Solution

Kansys brings the solutions and experience you need to make billing a flexible, cost-efficient process. You can either use the Kansys team, your own resources or a combination of both to ensure your billing operations run smoothy.

We provide our customers with a tailored roadmap for training options, ongoing support and maintenance, with a system designed to grow as your business grows.

With Kansys, you can flexibly manage your staffing and training needs in a cost-effective manner over time. Each engagement provides a business the foresight, visibility and assistance to tailor the solution and staffing needs to their desired outcome. 

The Kansys Edge billing team also provides expertise and tools to work in conjunction with a highly flexible and configurable billing solution to provide additional solutions for:

Event Collection

• Event Augmentation

• Revenue Assurance

• Commissions

• Mediation

• Error Handling

• Reporting

• Data Warehousing

• Carrier Access Billing (CABS)

• Settlements

• Fraud and Abuse Detection


When implementing a new billing system, these are some of important items that need to be evaluated as well as identifying additional solution needs based on customers specific requirements. 


Beyond Consumption-Based Billing Software

The Kansys Edge is a highly comprehensive platform that goes far beyond the usage-billing functionality. We take care of your entire billing framework and implement a variety of successful and comprehensive solutions.

Advanced Analytics

The billing software collects, keeps track, and analyzes valuable usage data. It gives your sales and marketing team valuable information that can impact your company’s bottom line.

Effortless Collaboration

Automated usage-based billing simplifies collaboration with your clients. You can take advantage of the client portal functionality that minimizes customer service issues.


Automated invoicing

Automated invoicing is a must-have part of any enterprise operation. With it, your usage-based billing is jumping to a new level.




Billing speed is the key to improving your company’s bottom line. A comprehensive metered billing solution speeds up your financial calculations and settlements and trillions of metered events billed.

So, what makes us different than other billing vendors? Our software solution has evolved to avoid roadblocks and deliver efficient flexibility allowing you to take your offerings to market 66% faster than traditional billing systems thus reducing your billing delivery costs. With Kansys, you can enjoy smooth and error-free enterprise-level billing processing, analytics, and management.


All of this is provided by a team of billing experts who have over 20 years of billing expertise and have successfully completed over 80 billing system conversions.

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