The Kansys Edge+


Quickly, easily and effectively access all the power of The Edge through an interface designed for great customer experience.

What Is the Kansys Edge+ and Why the Name Change?

The Kansys Edge+ extends the universal access and capabilities originally delivered with the KCFE and now includes a mobile app to allow internal and external users to more flexibly interact with service offerings and manage billing information. 


As the name would suggest, The Kansys Edge+ is an extension onto The Kansys Edge billing platform….but it is more than just a name change. Along with this, we’ve included many new features and functions extending the power of the front end, giving you and your customers seamless access and more self-serve capabilities than ever before.

Taking a Closer Look

Functioning as the primary gateway, The Kansys Edge+ easily allows internal and external users the ability to easily and quickly interact with billing information and self-services based on their specified needs.


With The Kansys Edge+, users are now empowered to take many different actions with this intuitive, easy to use and interactive gateway.

With The Kansys Edge+

External Users Now Have the Ability to:​

  • Order New Services
  • Change Services
  • Initiate Trouble Tickets
  • Change Their Account Information
  • Take Advantage of Loyalty Rewards
  • And Much Much More!

All while giving them the autonomy to manage these functions through their desktop or through their tablet/mobile device via our mobile app.

Internal Users Now Have the Ability to:

  • Create New Plans
  • Manage Customer Activity and Actions
  • Manage Billing Activity
  • Manage Self-Service Activity and Actions
  • And Much Much More!

All while giving your sales teams, CSR’s and power users the ability to create manage and build new plans in minutes and without the need for any complex coding.

The Kansys Edge+ is prepared to support and navigate your complex billing landscape and support your customer demands for excellent service.

Ready to Begin Transforming Your Customer and Employee Billing Experiences?

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