Edge ICE


Interactive Configuration Environment for Business Analysts and IT

EdgeICE is a flexible, standards-based software package that enables secure and seamless integration between your existing infrastructure and The Kansys Edge.   

EdgeICE is cross-platform, with a small memory footprint and simple Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) that make it the ideal choice for integration with all environments.


Easy Integration   
EdgeICE’s easy integration tools allow established and emerging service providers to implement new services quickly, with real-time data collection for any application, service, or on-demand resource. And EdgeICE’s superior security and fail-over capabilities provide unmatched reliability for maximum protection of your transaction data. 


Features Include:

Platform agnostic

Simple API's

Configurable SSL Encryption

Handles hierarchical transactions/CDR’s

Real-time transaction metering

External system authentication

Choice of synchronous or asynchronous metering

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