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Equipping your business to empower your enterprise customers to move toward automation, personalization and mass customization without massive IT integration or consulting costs

Billing in Conferencing:
An Agile Approach in a Highly Competitive Market

Deciding to Differentiate

In the B2B world of Conferencing and Collaboration, personalization and customization are critical elements of success but almost impossible to support without powerful and flexible charging, billing settlement and customer care. 


The nature of the conference call industry demands complex requirements around license management, Billing on Behalf, multiparty settlement and sophisticated parent child relationships.

In the world of conference calling, the ability to treat an enterprise as an individual client is critical to success but very complex to achieve. Enterprise Conferencing customers purchase a much broader range of services than consumers do with multi-dimensional expectations (i.e. Rating keys) for languages, geographies , etc., on which they can tune pricing. 

Even the pre-sales process has to be negotiated on an individual case basis [ICB] so that pricing, revenue sharing and commissioning are tailored to the customer.

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Customer Empowerment Model
to Reap Enormous Benefits

Web conferencing and collaboration

Kansys is the global market leader for billing in the Conferencing Industry. We empower our customers and, subsequently, their enterprise customers, to move toward automation, personalization and customization without heavy IT, integration or consulting costs.

We allow Conferencing & Collaboration service providers to concentrate on deliverables that build stickiness and loyalty. This is especially true in times of disintermediation and an ever-expanding value chain of partners.

The Kansys Edge’s Agreements-based Billing and compensation approach remains the market leader in the Conference and Collaboration service provider space because we allow users to monetize the unlimited relationships that define the vertical.

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