Information Technology


The Kansys Edge architecture allows:

1) integration with all existing applications allowing you to keep current data sources and destinations.

2) Changes and enhancements are done via configuration (NOT CODING), providing lower impact on critical development staff.

Today’s IT executives need options and flexibility as they try to address the demands from departments and users across their company. Should they go cloud or stay on prem? Do they go with best of breed or as much functionality within one vendor stack?

When a company recognizes a best of breed approach is needed to address the monetization requirements, the Kansys Edge provides material advantages over the options identified above:

  • On Premise or In the Cloud option
  • RESTFUL and/or SOAP API’s
  • The ability to keep existing data source and destination formats for any system/applications where integration with the Kansys Edge is needed.

The architecture allows the IT exec to plug The Kansys Edge into his existing IT Stack & Applications. This allows integrations with existing applications.

  • Lower Application development costs given that the architecture of the Kansys Edge evolves via configuration versus coding.
  • There is always some level of coding in any enterprise application, but because of the Kansys metadata architecture, we’re able to reduce the level of coding vs configuration by a factor of 4:1.
  • Great business and functional alignment as Kansys Edge Power Users are able to configure new products versus coding new offerings.

Integrate Front Office Processes

There is always some level of coding in any enterprise application, but because of the Kansys metadata architecture, we’re able to reduce the level of coding vs configuration by a factor of 4:1. As a side benefit, because there is more configuration vs coding, I need less application development expertise which comes with a higher cost, and customers are able to shift application alignment to the business analyst responsible for supporting the billing function.

Take a pro-active role in meeting business needs with the most flexible billing solutions available. Implement pricing plans and changes in the shortest possible time-frames without losing control of testing, production implementation and roll back functionality

Choose any level of support services from real application experts to suit your business and budget goals.

For Today's Chief Informaiton Officer

As a CIO, you know that addressing the technology needs of your organization is no longer enough. Bridging the divide across cross-functional teams that include marketing, product, sales and finance teams with leading-edge technology and efficient processes to drive sales is the new norm. You do not want to get in the way of rolling out new products and services and supporting new partnering opportunities that translate to revenue. With Kansys as your billing and settlement partner, we can help get you there by supporting your needs now and future-proofing your company’s growth potential.

Kansys’ proven enterprise billing experience means you can focus on supporting the needs of the business:

  • Consolidation of various disparate systems for pricing, configuration and contracts to one powerful platform
  • Providing fast and responsive responses to sales and product teams with an extensible and proven enterprise platform that does not get in the way of sales
  • Delivering a comprehensive platform that supports front and back office operations for tailored customer and partner experiences
  • Supporting a cross-functional quote-to-cash (Q2C) solution that addresses the needs of the business for common sources of data, reduced sales administration, improved invoicing, and simplification of data capture
  • Providing agility in adapting to new business models envisioned by product teams
  • Integrate front office processes from selling to billing, revenue recognition and accounts receivables
  • Kansys’ empowerment model and ‘Configure, Don’t Code’ means that your team can flexibly support new products and services easily and at scale
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