Upgrade Success Forges Kansys-Telmore Partnership

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OLATHE, Kan.Aug. 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Denmark’s leading innovator in mobile subscriptions with over 700,000 subscribers has successfully completed a major BSS upgrade and ongoing commitment with Kansys and its Kansys Edge Monetization Platform.

Telmore selected the billing software in 2011 to complement Telmore’s strategy of innovation.  In early 2020, Telmore was undergoing a transformation to agile methodology while maintaining an ongoing commitment to customer service and data security. Telmore was at a crossroad of facing the traditional disruption of an upgrade with a new vendor in Kansys.

Kansys Inc., which acquired the billing software in 2019 after working with it since 2004, committed to a roadmap that prioritized the needs of Telmore. Despite the change of ownership, Telmore was comfortable with Kansys’ approach, proven track record and committed to Kansys leading and managing their billing software upgrade.

“The project was one of the most successful large-scale projects I’ve ever been associated with,” said Mads Sylvester, Chief IT Officer, Telmore. “The planning, execution and communication were delivered as promised.  Kansys continues to work with us to support our strategic direction and we look forward to a long-term partnership.”

Kansys’ expertise, flexibility and strong partnership with Telmore drive positive and timely results

Kansys’ expert methodology and focused resources by both sides made for a strong collaborative effort. A culture of transparent communication created a dynamic and responsive partnership that was able to mitigate risks which included a hardware swap, an operating system and underlying software upgrade and a backend to UI overhaul.  These efforts were accomplished at the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic without disruption to their subscribers and customer service teams.

The adoption of agile project management allowed the upgrade to successfully adhere to the target timeline and budget. Governance meetings recorded steady progress and had no escalations to report, a result of solid planning with strong and precise execution by both teams collectively. Scheduling challenges presented by the holiday seasons and the year-end close were handled with flexibility, allowing for cultural and other business priorities.

The cutover took place within the planned outage window and all service level agreements were on track with no major issues to report.

“The project success is attributable to a top-down commitment by both Telmore and Kansys,” said Bill Griffin, Business Development Officer, Kansys. “We look forward to a close and strong working partnership with Telmore for years to come.”

About Telmore: Telmore is the largest Mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) in Denmark specializing in the sale of mobile subscriptions, broadband, smartphones and digital entertainment packages at low cost of operations, competitive pricing and above all, exceptional self-care combined with excellent customer service. Telmore was the first telecommunications company to be used online and voted as one of Denmark’s best companies for customer service in 2017 and 2019.

About Kansys: Kansys is a BSS/OSS best of breed software, services and cloud integrator specializing in the management and monetization of complex B2B data. The company provides software and managed services to enterprise customers with high volume, transaction-oriented, multi-partner service requirements. Since 1997, Kansys has been giving customers a competitive advantage with accurate, efficient, and cost-effective billing solutions.  For more information, please visit www.kansys.com

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