The Kansys Edge Billing Software Enables Agile Monetization for Transportation Tech Company

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Project Overhaul Optimizes Fleet Tech with Speed, Automation and Optimization

OLATHE, Kan.May 6, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — CVO Holding Company, LLC (CVO) recently leveraged the Kansys team’s billing and application expertise to optimize its powerful and flexible billing platform, The Kansys Edge, to automate manual processes along with the sales agility needed for the evolving transportation industry.


“In my first conversation with the Kansys team, it was obvious they really understood the intricacies and practicalities of billing and finance as well as our new billing platform’s actual capabilities,” says Funke Ogundare, Billing Services Director, CVO, Phoenix, AZ. 


Kansys fully integrated the billing system with CVO’s existing infrastructure and provided the guidance and support the billing team needed to invoice accurately and on-time every month. CVO now runs over 100,000 invoices in an eight-hour day – 50 to 60% faster than the previous vendor’s 16- to 20-hour day. In addition, invoices are always issued the first of the month every month without the four- to six-day delays associated with the previous vendor’s reboots and other issues.


“Kansys understood CVO’s challenges and responded with a solution that improved overall billing efficiency and significantly reduced billing’s operating costs,” says David Hays, VP, Product and Services Delivery at Kansys. “As a result of Kansys and CVO’s synergy, Funke and her billing team have been able to focus on more strategic initiatives.”   


The automated charge generation process now calculates threshold and billable days to generate the appropriate proration charges for tens of thousands of customers and vehicles and the devices that move between them. The proration billing process had previously been a long-term, significant challenge due to both the complexity and volume.


CVO has also decreased the number of printed, mailed invoice by 33% and reduced mailing costs by at least 27% since Kansys redesigned the invoice format and revamped the distribution process. Once Kansys fully automated 75% of the bundled subscription renewals, renewals have been invoiced 80% faster.


When Funke calls, texts or creates a ticket, even on a Saturday, Kansys responds in minutes. When Kansys tells her they’ll resolve the issue, they always deliver on their promises.


“We now have absolute faith in The Kansys Edge billing platform and Kansys as our managed and professional services provider – Kansys definitely earned my trust,” says Funke. “Connecting with Kansys was the best thing that could have happened to us.”


About CVO Holding Company, LCC (CVO): CVO’s innovative, industry-leading fleet management technology and suite of services creates, supports and enhances industry-leading fleet management technology across North America. For 25+ years, CVO has worked with state and federal agencies as well as the commercial carrier industry to get people and products where they need to go.


About Kansys: Kansys is a BSS/OSS best of breed software, services, and cloud integrator specializing in the management and monetization of complex B2B data. The company also provides software and managed services to enterprise customers with high volume, transaction-oriented, multi-partner service requirements. To date, Kansys has also run [handled] 80+ highly successful billing conversions. Since 1997, Kansys has been giving customers a competitive advantage with accurate, efficient, cost-effective billing solutions.



Company name: Kansys
Contact name: Tim Pintar
Phone: 913-971-1743

SOURCE Kansys, Inc.

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