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Kansys Implemented Name Change, Enhancements, and Plans New Improvements to the Enterprise Billing System Formerly Known as MetraNet and ECB

OLATHE, Kan.Jan. 30, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Kansys, Inc., a software and managed services provider based in Olathe, Kansas, has announced a new name, “The Kansys Edge”, for their flagship enterprise billing software.  Kansys acquired the software last October and has renamed the product, formerly known as Metranet and later as Enterprise & Cloud Billing (ECB), to better communicate the competitive strategic value that the software system can provide to its customers. 

The developer’s guiding principle for The Kansys Edge is flexible billing software that does not force a client to change its business processes or existing application architecture. The idea is to provide a product that can accommodate any industry and business model in complex monetization.  Simply put – customers can bill anything, anytime, any way.

For the past 23 years, Kansys has worked with over a dozen billing systems across multiple industries.  That experience drove the company to acquire Metranet/ECB based on the distinct advantages it provides to customers versus other market alternatives. Recently developed architecture enhancements to The Kansys Edge have improved performance and made it easier to deploy, adding options in addition to cloud deployment. This was one of the most requested improvements from existing customers. In consultation with their clients, Kansys has also developed a product roadmap for additional enhancements planned for release in the coming months. “Powerful software requires a tailored solution architecture and support services that evolve with the needs of a customer,” said Joe Simmons, President of Kansys, Inc. “The Kansys Edge aggregates all those variables to provide our customers with the sales, IT, and finance agility they need to drive competitive advantage.” Further, as a business grows and adds new product offerings, The Kansys Edge system is agile enough to evolve without the delays and restrictions that come with traditional or subscription-based billing systems. “What makes The Kansys Edge unique is the robust feature set that accelerates the process of deployment for our customers,” said Arthur Koenig, CTO of Kansys, Inc. “This reduces costs with faster time to market for their products.” The Kansys Edge is not just the name of a business-class billing product. It is also reflective of how Kansys does business. By creating tailored solutions, the company helps provide market advantages for its customers. This focus and responsiveness to the customer is integral to the company’s success and has been part of Kansys’ DNA since its founding in 1997.   The Kansys Edge is an all-in-one software system that is built to handle both billing and settlement in the same system and in real time.

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