The Demo Debate: Canned vs. Applied – Dispelling Myths and Choosing What’s Right for You – Episode 5

Prepare for an immersive exploration into the world of demos as we debunk common myths that surround them. In this episode, we provide invaluable insights from both the vendor and buyer perspectives, equipping you with essential tips and strategies to maximize the impact of your demos. Discover how to effectively address buyers’ pain points by highlighting key features and fostering meaningful connections with potential customers. Vendors encounter numerous challenges when preparing for demos, and we’ll delve into these complexities to help you overcome them.

On the buyer’s side, evaluating vendors presents its own unique set of challenges. However, fear not! With the guidance of our knowledgeable hosts and esteemed BSS expert, Barbara Lancaster, you’ll gain the expertise to shortlist reliable vendors who align perfectly with your business needs. Get ready to unlock the secrets of successful demos and master the art of vendor evaluation in this illuminating episode.

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