Telecom Orchestration: Navigating the Integration of BSS, OSS, CRM and Network – Episode 6

Welcome to our latest episode as we plunge into the realm of telecom orchestration. In today’s discussion, we will unravel the intricate integration and orchestration dynamics between BSS, OSS, CRM, and network elements, forming the backbone of a telecom stack. Each function plays a crucial role in shaping the customer experience.

Prepare to navigate the blurred boundaries between CRM prospecting and the transition to a customer, as a comprehensive telecom IT stack encompasses a wide range of components, from customer information management to installation processes, service bundles, catalogs, and network elements. We will shed light on the pivotal role of OSS in effective inventory management and highlight how seamless network integration is essential for maintaining smooth operations.

Join us as we venture into the complexities of telecom orchestration and uncover its profound impact on carriers.

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