Our experts provide professional advice and guidance for enterprise projects ranging from Technology Recommendations and Vendor Selection to Billing System Conversions and Service Activation Platforms. We are involved in every step from initial strategy through deployment and execution.

Kansys has earned its expertise in System Integration as a result of 75+ billing system implementations, integration’s, upgrades and conversions for clients. We progressively roll out, upgrade and migrate a new environment to establish a strong foundation to achieve maximum revenue and efficiency.

Don’t settle for a one-size fits all application. Let our team of BSS/OSS Architects develop custom software built to your company’s exact specifications. Our metadata-driven software solutions support your current workflow and integrates seamlessly with already existing applications.

When custom software is built, it makes sense for the builders of the software to provide ongoing support- an atypical offering in the industry today. With our white glove service, custom reporting and more, you’ll be able to see the data you want, when you want it, how you want it.

Kansys provides carrier grade hosted platforms that compliment your company’s infrastructure when business processing outsourcing makes sense. We offer several Business Services to optimize efficiency, recover lost revenue and automate processes.

Validation and Revenue Assurance isn’t just automation. Our experts are able to connect the dots when it comes to mediation, reconciling and monetizing every opportunity. In fact, we were able to identify over $45 million of annualized incremental revenues or reduced costs with our services.

Kansys develops Business Intelligence Reports, Dashboards and KPIs from analyzing and raising visibility into the complexity of your operations. Leverage our expertise to operate your company more efficiently, improve your risk management and decrease operational costs.

Our established partnerships with companies allow Kansys to resell and integrate an assortment of cutting edge products into customizable solutions for your business. We are always evaluating the value our partners bring to our customers in the exact manner of which our customers want.