Your billing central is the central nervous system of your business. A quality billing system should decrease your time to market with new products and services, rapidly implement periodic rate increases and reduce operational expenses while increasing operational efficiency.

With our 20 plus years in the industry, we have streamlined the entire billing conversion process.

Top Ten Tips for a Successful Billing Conversion

  • 1. Establish data mapping
  • 2. Review and edit product catalog
  • 3. Design / edit existing and new interfaces
  • 4. Review processes
  • 5. Define training
  • 6. Determine taxes
  • 7. Expect user push back
  • 8. Define acceptable margin of error
  • 9. Environment and performance
  • 10. Contracts

Want to know more? Let Kansys take your current billing system, product catalogs, requirements, etc. and convert it to a new system which best reflects your needs.

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