All Legacy Handcuffs and No Play Makes Jack a Dull Boy

When we say we understand your pain, we mean it

Hospitality industry billing systems are an inflexible, disjointed hodge-podge mess which typically are unable to respond to your business needs.

Antiquated billing systems often consist of:

  • Multiple in-house systems which are difficult to maintain
  • Inflexible architecture – users cannot define personalized offerings and sophisticated price plans
  • Decentralized operations which results in additional overhead costs
  • Manual processes – which results in additional man-power hours and drives up operating costs
  • Errors – billing errors and slow dispute resolution processes
  • Slow introduction of new lines to business
  • Intra-company billing between subsidiaries, franchisees, corporate and partners
  • No multiple currency or language support
  • Limited product catalogs
  • Large bills with a high volume of charges
  • Compliance reporting problems / requirements
  • Lack of centralized care and no self-care ability

But it doesn’t have to be this way

A quality billing system should:

  • Support different business models
  • Franchise model – as managed hotels or straight subsidiaries
  • Manage complex relationships between partners and subsidiaries
  • Manage and compensate partners for any business model
  • Calculate commissions for travel agents
  • Support expansion strategy by accelerating the new lines of business (international, new brands, etc)
  • Enable rapid evolution of your business model: moving between brands and modifying contract conditions
  • Allow for segmentation of your offerings: luxury, upscale, mid scale and economy brands
  • Provide self-care facilities to franchises and / or subsidiaries to view, manage and report on their commissions and generate statements
  • Accurately model contractual clauses for all aspects of the financial relationship

The above mentioned characteristics of a quality billing system sound great, but in reality it seems that billing conversions are:

1. Expensive
2. Timely – both in deployment and getting employees trained
3. Did we mention expensive? Seriously – they’re known to run you $55,000 MINIMUM

It doesn’t have to be that way. Kansys has been an industry leader in the billing conversion space since our inception back in 1997. Those 20 plus years of experience account for over 71 successful conversions and counting.

When we were approached by one of the Top-Five International Hotel Chains about a new billing system, we put our knowledge to the test

This hotel company needed a new billing system for new hotel subscriptions, services, and charges, as well as intra-company and divisional cross border billing and settlement capabilities. We were able to build the complex manual processing in less than nine months, resulting in realization of service innovation together with processes and organizational efficiency improvements.

That system was capable of handling:

Complex intra-company billing
Managing multiple currency, taxation, business partitions and local billing operations
Supporting multiple contract models (owned, leased and franchised hotels) within a single system

The system was also able to monetize:

Subscriptions and corporate service fees
Trademark given right to use of the brands
Support services in region
Services relating to marketing campaigns
Booking through distribution platforms
Loyalty privileges for end-customers
IT maintenance and infrastructures
Bookings through the distribution platform

All of which resulted in revenue enhancement and cost reduction – all via improved market shares, shorter intervals for new product introduction and fulfillment, a simpler way for new product introduction and a reduction of fulfillment costs.

And remember – we did this in less than nine months.

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